Clipboard Cleaner 1.4

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Keep your sensitive information safe with this one-click clipboard cleaner.

Clipboard Cleaner is a widget / service that let you remove the contents of the clipboard in an easy way. Use it to remove sensitive information such as passwords, usernames or credit card numbers from the clipboard. The clipboard data is available to all applications and should not contain sensitive data. This application will let you clear sensitive information with a single click helping you to keep your precious information secure.

Clipboard Cleaner can be used through a widget on you home screen or as a notification icon, giving you on-click access to it at all times. You may also use it as a regular application if you want.


* To complete the installation after downloading Clipboard Cleaner from Android Market you need to start the application by going to the application drawer and clicking on the Clipboard Cleaner icon. This will complete the installation and initiate the notification service.

* To use the widget version of Clipboard Cleaner you add the widget in the normal way by long pressing on your home screen or through the home screen menu (device dependent).

* The notification icon will only show when there is data in the clipboard. You enable or disable the notification service by clicking on the Clipboard Cleaner icon in the application drawer.


Stability fixes

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